Smithsonian Soils Exhibit

A new DVD has been produced to encourage additional gifts to Smithsonian Soils Exhibit is available. You can view the entire presentation here: DVD

New brochure for the Smithsonian Soils Exhibit is available, thanks to Ms. Patricia Scullion from the SSSA Headquarters. Please download and share the following PDF document (it is a relatively large file, 416 KB):Texas Soil Monolith Campaign Brochure

Dr. Ted Zobeck has posted a PowerPoint file that provides information about the Smithsonian Soils Exhibit. Please click here for a streamlined web version of the presentation. If you have a fast Internet connection, click here for the actual file (the file is large, ~1.7 MB, so right click to download and save the file on your computer or left click to play the PowerPoint file within your browser).