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Vol. 22 No. 2

January 2005

Published by the Professional Soil Scientists Association of Texas


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2004 PSSAT Officers

2005 PSSAT Annual Meeting Information

Scholarship Committee Report...Nathan Haile

Treasurer's Report...Kelly Attebury

New Members

Smithsonian Exhibit Committee Update ...Ted M. Zobeck, PhD, USDA-ARS

2005 PSSAT Annual Meeting Absentee Ballot

Special Section:  Who are these people and what was that year?


2004 PSSAT Officers

President - Ted Zobeck
President-Elect - Eddie Bearden
Vice President - Alan Stahnke
Treasurer - Kelly Attebury
Editor - Susan Casby-Horton



2005 PSSAT Annual Meeting Information

The 2005 PSSAT Annual Meeting will be held at the G. Rollie White Visitor Center located at the Texas A&M Animal Science Complex on Wednesday, February 9, 2005. This facility is located 5 miles west of the main Texas A&M campus on Texas Highway 60 (west of College Station). Enter the complex and turn towards the flags. Follow the road around and turn at the first right into the parking lot. The Visitor Center is across from the parking lot.

As in the past, a social hour will begin at 6:00 p.m., and PSSAT will provide soft drinks and ice. Also, the Soil Texturing Contest will begin during the social hour. A catered dinner ($8.00/person plus tax) will be served at 7:00 p.m., and the Annual Business Meeting will commence at approximately 7:30 p.m. The election of officers, awarding of our annual scholarship, and committee reports will be the topics of discussion. We will also have a presentation on the upcoming 2005 National Cooperative Soil Survey Conference that will be held in Corpus Christi in May 2005.

Please RSVP for the evening meal with Maurice Jurena at 979-567-6964 or maurice.jurena@tx.usda.gov. Maurice needs an accurate head count of members planning to attend the Annual Meeting. In your response, please indicate if your spouse or date will attend.


Committee Chairpersons please remember to send Vice-President Alan Stahnke a copy of your annual report prior to the meeting!


Scholarship Committee
Nathan Haile, USDA-NRCS, Soil Survey

The PSSAT scholarship committee received four very well qualified applicants for the 2005 Soil Science Scholarship. Applications were received from students from Texas Tech, Texas A & M, Texas A&M Kingsville, and Tarleton State University. Each applicant was ranked based on their career objectives, educational achievements, and leadership qualities. The committee also reviewed two reference letters for each student.

This year the scholarship was awarded to Roel Guerra, Jr.He is a senior at Texas A&M University at Kingsville and will be graduating in August, 2005. Roel has worked as a student trainee soil scientist with NRCS for the past 5 years. He plans to start a full-time career with NRCS after graduation.



Treasurer's Report
Kelly Attebury , USDA-NRCS, Soil Survey


2004 Annual Treasurer's Report

Tax ID 76-0048015 by Kelly Attebury

Net Worth - January 1, 2004

$ 7,029.86












Earned Interest

Bank of America


Total Receipts to Date


Available Cash to Date



Susan Casby-Horton



Holloway's Sports

Scholarship Committee


C&J Barbeque

annual dinner


Jon Brandt

recognition awards


Jon Brandt (for 2004)

web site hosting/domain


Gary Harris, Jr.



Smithsonian Exhibit



Texas 4-H Contest



Total Disbursements to Date


Account Balance to Date


Net Worth - December 31, 2004

$ 5,925.37



At the recommendation of Alan Newman, each newsletter edition will have a reminder for members to pay their dues. Alan also suggested that we include the Treasurer’s name and address. So, if you will not be attending the Annual Meeting in February 2005, please mail your dues to:

Kelly Attebury, PSSAT Treasurer
2310 30th Street
Lubbock, TX 79411


New Members

Eric Anderson, PhD
The Sabine Mining Company
Hallsville, TX

Paul Rindfleisch
Texas A&M University
Bryan, TX


Smithsonian Exhibit Committee Update

Ted M. Zobeck, PhD, USDA-ARS, Texas Smithsonian Soils Exhibit Liaison 

The Smithsonian Soils Exhibit Committee had a conference call meeting on December 15, 2004 to discuss current giving level and activities of the committee. We discussed our goal and decided that a $10,000 goal was easily achievable but what we really need to do is contribute more than any other state. This puts us up against California, which has about $13,000 so far. Valerie Breunig, ASF director of Development, joined our meeting and reported that we currently have $6,905.45 in our account. Ted pointed out that the Golden Spread Chapter of SWCS is sending a $1,000 check on December 15. One of our committee members pledged $1,000 more during the meeting. Ted also reported that $3,000 more has been pledged but not sent in yet. WE ARE ON OUR WAY! The committee had a very good brain-storming session on prospects and volunteers to contact the prospects. Please let Ted know if you have any ideas of possible prospects for the committee to contact. The committee is working on an exhibit brochure customized for Texas and hope to have it available by the time of the PSSAT meeting in February. Ted encouraged everyone to contribute at some level. If anyone would like to give a PowerPoint presentation on the Smithsonian Soils Exhibit please contact Ted Zobeck (tzobeck@ttu.edu). Thank you for doing your part to educate the public on the importance of soils.



2005 PSSAT Annual Meeting Absentee Ballot

If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting and would like to cast an absentee vote, please return the Absentee Ballot to Kelly Attebury, PSSAT Treasurer, 2310 30th Street, Lubbock, TX 79411, in a sealed envelope marked "BALLOT" prior to the Annual Meeting. Please make sure that you indicate your name on the return address of the mailing envelope for ballot verification.


President-Elect    __ David Weindorf


Vice President   __ Stacy Kloesel


Treasurer    __ Jamey Douglass


Editor   __ Susan Casby-Horton






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